If you're currently a single member and wish to create a Team and add more members to your account, all upgrades are available under "Billing" under your user profile in the top menu.

Select "Manage Subscription" - Using the dropdown menu select the TOTAL number of members you need (including yourself) - Update Subscription.

Walk through each step of the checkout process again. Use the slider to select how many members you wish to add >> how many years subscription >> monthly or annual payment.

It will automatically pre-populate with your data including address and credit card details. You will be able to confirm subscription details and price on "Place Order" page. These members will be added to your subscription and will be charged to your card. If you wish them to pay for their own memberships that must be arranged inside your organisation.

After you complete checkout process, it will take you back to the main dashboard. You will have a new option under profile menu - " Group Manager".

Once you're on Group Manager page you can follow steps in this help video to set up the office and invite the team members.*You can add members at any stage of your membership

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