Leaderboards are a great way to track your team and office stats. Leaderboards are located on the "Stats" page at the bottom and are conveniently split into hard and soft KPI's.

You can sort your leaderboards by time periods (today, this week, this month) and also by team or office, which allows for super flexibility and accountability daily.

Make sure to use this new feature with the live action leaderboard component. This allows membership teams to display leaderboards and statistics on a TV screen with live updates (without having to refresh the screen). Whenever someone completes an action, the live action leaderboards automatically update the display. Groups and teams can actively compete with each other and managers can track the organisation's progress towards goals.

Live Action Leaderboards sit under the main menu to the homepage. Simply select Layout 1, 2, or 3 and connect your laptop to a TV screen to have some live updates available for your team.

**Refer to Managing Performance Reports

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